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One of my biggest complaints with people not changing subject lines is
that a thread may wander into an area I AM interested in, and I will
delete it all without reading it because my interest in the originally
topic has long ago been exhausted.

It drives me bananas ;-)


Andy Miller

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There is one form of "off topic" that this group has - much more than
most other groups - that irks me on almost every STMFC digest I get.

I started the thread Going Bananas as a discussion of what freight
were used to haul bananas - on Wednesday morning. That topic was asked
answered in less than 4 hours time. Yet here we are on Friday morning
and the same topic line is being used to discuss about the 6th or 7th
topic ... without a change in the subject line. Even if my choice of
subject name is fun and you can stretch fairly easily to see how it
to some of the other threads ... the bottom line is that my topic isn't
being discussed any more and hasn't been for a couple of days. My
complaint is not about what happens to 'my' topics but rather what
on a very large number of topics on this list. It is my perception
this list is very prone to bounce all over the place on any one thread
subject ... and that makes chasing older threads in the archives almost

Please - STMFC members - change the subject line when you change

Thanks ... and sorry for being OT ... back to STMFC ... Jim in San

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