W&LE 70 ton offset side hoppers

Eric Hansmann

I am trying to get a trio of HO scale Wheeling & Lake Erie hoppers
roadworthy and came to a question. I'm using HO scale Stewart 70 ton offset
side triple hoppers. I know that gussets are not correct, but this is what
there is to work with.

The prototype installed 2000 hoppers in 1946-1947 numbered 79000-80999.
These were built by Ralston. These details come from The Wheeling & Lake
Erie Railway by John B. Corns. The book features only one builders image of
a car showing one side. There are no other images that feature this car
clearly in this book or the second volume. I've checked Fallen Flags for
images of these cars in W&LE or NKP paint, but there are none there. I've
also paged through the RP Cycs and checked the Steam Era Freight Cars
website - no luck on either source. Does anyone have information on what
kind of brake wheel was used on these cars?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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