Re: question about truss rods and brake wheel staffs

Tim O'Connor

Read the post Tony. "Black Hawk" is the name of a PRODUCT brand
name, not the name of a company. Why can't you just agree that
advertising PRODUCTS on freight cars was completely legal in the
1950's? I can recite more examples if you like.

Tim O'Connor

At 3/24/2007 06:34 PM Saturday, you wrote:
Tim O'Connor wrote:
I have a 1950's color photo of RPRX 348, a reefer lettered with a
"Rath Black Hawk" logo on the side. Sure looks like advertising to
me... ( The car does not have truss rods however. )
Read the post, Tim. It was advertising of PRODUCTS which was
sensitive, not showing an owner's logo.

Tony Thompson

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