Re: question about truss rods and brake wheel staffs

Tim O'Connor

I'm glad you mentioned Old Dutch Cleanser Richard, since that reminds
me of the Boraxo cleanser advertisement on freight cars that were NOT
used to transport cleanser, but instead carried raw materials that had
many uses, of which one was to use in cleanser. There are too many such
examples to list here.

The rule was an AAR rule, not an ICC rule, and was put into force on
Jan 1, 1937, and it has been observed on this list and elsewhere that
evidently the rule was no longer enforced after 1946, at least as far
as privately leased cars were concerned. It was Tony Thompson who
furnished this information to this list, in 2002.

Tim O'Connor

Yes, one version of the postwar Rath Indian head logo had "Black Hawk"
at the bottom. But NOT "Black Hawk Hams" (or bacon), because the ICC
regulations prohibited placing any advertising on the cars unless they
were used exclusively to transport that product. Other meat packers
also owned or leased reefers in the 1950s with their company logos on
them - Swift, Wilson, Etc. - but no mention of individual products,
unlike the pre-1938 billboard advertising, which even included ads for
such products as Old Dutch Cleanser that obviously were not shipped in

Richard Hendrickson

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