Re: Billboard Reefers

Tim O'Connor

Jim, here is what Tony Thompson posted on 6/6/2002 --

Guy Wilber wrote
In 1936, the AAR's Arbitration Committee added a new paragraph (6) to
section (r) of Interchange Rule No. 3 to read as follows: Refrigerator
cars bearing advertisements of any shipper, consignee or product will
not be accepted, effective January 1, 1937. In Interchange.
Thanks for adding this item, Guy. I was not aware of the specifics of
the AAR regulation. The ICC case on which this was based, Docket No. 3887,
was decided on July 2, 1934, and was concerned with many abuses by shippers
using leased refrigerator cars, of which advertising furnished free by
lessors was a very minor part.
The AAR rule was certainly not in force as early as the spring of 1946;
there is an Al Rose color photo of the spectacular Chateau Martin purple
wine car scheme, which is "ultimate billboard" in size, dated at that time.
So there you have it. I suppose one should preface one's question with
"What is the answer today?" since it seems likely to change tomorrow.

Tim O'Connor

Jim Betz wrote:
I do not have the date of the actual court ruling. Any one know it?
How about the court case name and venue?
Jim (and Tim), it was an ICC ruling. Not AAR and not a court.
Richard and I have both retrieved all the details from ICC documents,
and he has laid it out clearly in the text of the billboard reefer book
he wrote with Ed Kaminski. It's in our pipeline to publish.

Tony Thompson

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