Re: SLRX and SRLX reporting marks

pullmanboss <tgmadden@...>

Peter Weiglin wrote:

Let me warn about what will seem obvious to some.

SLRX was St. Louis Refrigerator (Xpress)
SRLX was Swift Refrigerator Line (Xpress)

The two can be confused; I have a dim memory of some decals that
were made incorrectly years ago and applied by an unsuspecting
modeler who is now much older, if not wiser.
Paul Larson, October 1953 MODEL RAILROADER, "Building an HO Swift
Reefer" is the one I remember. Unfortunately, Paul is not now much
older, having passed away in 1973.

No, I don't have total recall. In August 2005 someone on this list
asked about that article and I scanned a page of it for him. Came
across the image just two days ago.

Tom Madden

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