Re: Heinz Vinegar Cars.

Richard Hendrickson

On Mar 25, 2007, at 12:21 AM, bdg1210 wrote:

While watching a B&O video of movements in Ohio in the late 1950's I
saw a Heinz vinegar car on a train. The car was moving west from
Willard yard. It looked like something from the 1920's with its
multi-banded horizontal tanks on a flat car frame. Is there a model
for such a car? Was this an amonoly in the 1950's?

As of 1950, Heinz rostered 24 vinegar tank cars, not a large fleet but
one that traveled widely (there are photos of them in west coast
locations like Los Angeles and Oakland), since carload lots of vinegar
were delivered to large food processors in many parts of the country.
Cars of similar design were also operated by other food companies, e.g.
Standard Brands.

Allen Cain has summarized the available models. The AHM plastic model
was lame a clumsy stand-in at best.

Richard Hendrickson

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