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Tell us again, Greg, which railroad it was which styled itself
the "Standard Railroad of the World."

While the PRR did call itself the "Standard Railroad of the World" this is
an implied misconception of the origin of the moniker. The "Standard" did
refer to a standard for other RR's to follow but referenced the standardization
of various parts used mainly in locomotives, and infrastructure and to a
lessor extent freight cars. The use of the same mechanical parts on multiple
classes of locomotives -- K4 and L1, H8, 9 and 10 as examples, resulting in
less variety of inventory at repair facilities. The use of the same parts in
30,000+ X29 boxcars, 40,000+ H21 and H25 hoppers, another 30,000+ GLA, GLC and
GLCa hoppers using interchangeable parts. Standardization of stations with
the exception of major urban areas etc. This is not to say that other roads
did not standardize to certain levels. Just that the PRR took the moniker and
used it as a marketing tool. The fact that it was perceived to mean
something other than its original intent is testament to the effective use of the
term as a marketing ploy.

Rich Orr

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