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I don't believe that "Standard Railroad of the World" was really
refering to anything to do with equipment standards. Instead, it
was a marketing phrase intended to say that the PRR was setting
the "Standard" as to how to run a railroad. They were proud of it

Marketing people years later came up with "America's Team" to call
the Dallas Cowboys. As a Steeler fan I though it to be arroganat,
but I got over it. Some railfans seem to not be able to. The PRR
and the Cowboys eventually fell on hard times.

Walt Stafa

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Tell us again, Greg, which railroad it was which styled itself
the "Standard Railroad of the World."

While the PRR did call itself the "Standard Railroad of the World"
this is
an implied misconception of the origin of the moniker.
The "Standard" did
refer to a standard for other RR's to follow but referenced the
of various parts used mainly in locomotives, and infrastructure
and to a
lessor extent freight cars.
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Again, my impression from what I've read - not researched - was
that this
moniker had more to do with foreign governments believing that
because the
PRR was the biggest, it must also be the best and seeking out
technical and
management help from the PRR to develop and improve their own
Thus, elsewhere in the world, the PRR was held up as the standard
that a
modern railroad should seek to follow, in other words, "The
Railroad of the World".


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