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So there you have it. I suppose one should preface one's question with
"What is the answer today?" since it seems likely to change tomorrow.

The AAR eventually moved their language within Rule 3 to Section (a)
Paragraph (7). I will have to dig a little deeper to find that exact date, but as
of 1946 it read as follows. I think you will find the exceptions (within)
interesting in reference to your mention of Boraxo covered hoppers, etc., in
your post from Saturday.

"Advertisements of any shipper, consignee or product, prohibited on all cars
except special cars of Mechanical Designation "L" and tank cars of
Mechanical Designation "T". In Interchange.

Note. -- The name of the "home point" of the car owner or lessee, a trade
mark or symbol, or the name of the owner or lessee, or any part thereof, will
not be considered advertising."

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