Re: mystery reefer car model

birdbiz2003 <birdbiz2003@...>

I had not even viewed this group in a few months. Thank you for
directing me to the billboard boxcar thread. contact me offgroup and
I will tell you what photos I need. Thank you for your help


Tyler Turpin

North American was one of the most aggressive car lessors in the
1920s and early 1930s who leased small lots of cars to small
(sometimes only one or two cars) and applied billboard advertising
them. The NADX 4000 series cars were 40' steel underframe reefers
built by the Pressed Steel Car Co. in January, 1928. If you've
following the discussion on the list about billboard reefers, you
already know that such billboard advertising was outlawed by the
ICC in
1934 and entirely phased out by 1938. How accurate the model may
be is
anyone's guess, but I can provide you with photos of other NADX
series cars if you're able to receive large JPEG files.

Richard Hendrickson

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