Re: Heinz Vinegar Cars.

Greg Martin

Richard writes:

As of 1950, Heinz rostered 24 vinegar tank cars, not a large fleet but one
that traveled widely (there are photos of them in west coast locations like
Los Angeles and Oakland), since carload lots of vinegar were delivered to
large food processors in many parts of the country. Cars of similar design were
also operated by other food companies, e.g. Standard Brands.

Allen Cain has summarized the available models. The AHM plastic model was
lame – a clumsy stand-in at best.

Richard Hendrickson

I have a Stan Townsend photo of a vinegar car in Salem, OR (no the SP side
of town) dated July 1971. Old and weary but a nice example of this car class
albeit beyond the scope of this list.

Greg Martin

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