Re: Heinz Vinegar Cars.

Peter J. McClosky <pmcclosky@...> wrote:

Richard writes:

As of 1950, Heinz rostered 24 vinegar tank cars, not a large fleet but
that traveled widely (there are photos of them in west coast locations
Los Angeles and Oakland), since carload lots of vinegar were delivered to
large food processors in many parts of the country. Cars of similar
design were
also operated by other food companies, e.g. Standard Brands.

Los Angeles had a Heinz plant just north (RR West) of Taylor yard, on
the Coast

The junction of the 2 and 5 freeways is just about at the location of
the plant.
When I left Los Angeles (in 2005) You could still see some of the track
in the
ground in the "Vandy Camp" (sp?) site, as you got on the 2 westbound, from
San Fernando road.

I do not know when the plant was closed, or what the plant was used to make.


Peter J. McClosky

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