Re: An unusual car needs identification!


Stan Schwedler of Coronado Scale Models has a beautiful scratch built
P:48 model of this car built from plans by John Clapp in an old Model
Railroader. I remember it being a 36 foot truss rod car. I think he
had it at Naperville last year, check for photos. Your MDC car is no
way close also most [some] of these were warped and would not fit
correctly if at all. James Hickey

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I just purchased this obscure metal kit, already assembled and decaled
by somebody else.
-Does anybody have an Idea as to the manufacturer of this kit?
-Secondly, can you provide any information on the Ill. River Packet
-Thirdly, how long did these survive on the Rails?
-What type of boxcar is this?
-Lastly, does anybody know where I can find a photo of the real car?

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