Re: Pennsy X28A Roof

Rich C


I was looking at Robert Schoenberg's excellent site
and eyeballed both box cars. They were 3/4 builders
photos taken from the same angle and it appears the
roofs are the same, if not exact.

Here is the link to his site:

Hope this helps,
Rich Christie

--- rwitt_2000 <> wrote:

Paul Lyons wrote:


I am starting to put a Sunshine Pennsy X28A
together and have
acouple of questions regarding the roof.

Whenever possible, I like to use a plastic roof
in lieu of the
resin roof that comes with the Sunshine kits. If my
understanding of
the prototype is correct the X28A's were
constructed essentially the
same as X29's and I should therefore be able to use
the Red Caboose
X29 plastic roof. Is this a valid assumption?

For the as-built verson the Red Caboose roof should
work as the inside
width were the same for both classes. These cars
were very similar to
the B&O Class M-27 also available from Sunshine.

My second question is what is the relationship of
the roof edge to
the side of the car. On an X29 the roof clearly sits
in from the side
several inches. Based on that, I would have thought
the X28A would
have a similiar inset. However, the La Rue photo of
#123456 in the kit
Prototype Data Sheet seems to show the roof "flush"
with the side.
I have no information indicating that these cars
were rebuilt with new
roofs. Hopefully a Pennsy person can respond to
this question.

Bob Witt, Indianapolis, Indiana

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