P2K L&N 50 Ton War Emergency Hoppers

Paul Hillman

I have some P2K L&N, W.E., Hopper kits.

In the assembly instructions it shows 2 different types of hand brakes,
both the Miner & Ajax types.

For cars #'s 31024, 31131 & 31247 use the Miner type.

For car #31972 use the Ajax type.

1- What was the full range of numbers for these L&N W.E. Hoppers?
2- What car #'s got Miner Hand Brakes.
3- What car #'s got Ajax Hand Brakes.

Didn't find any info in the arhives about this.

I'd like to renumber & add a few more cars to my roster of the 2
different types.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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