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Hello Ed, Schuyler, and Tim,

Ed is correct about the yellow strip across the top of the ends indicating cars with roller bearing trucks. WM also did this with their box cars that, unfortunately, included their 50 foot PS-1s. The WM also had quite a number of the Greenville GV-2 that, at a quick glance, appear similar to the PS-2s, but are actually quite different.
As time allows, we have been working on how to do this yellow strip, which presently is impossible with the way our cars are made and assembled.
The yellow strip is one of the reasons we have not done any of the WM PS-2 or 50 foot PS-1s along with the present CSX trademark issue. However, as time passes all of these issues will be resolved.
The Western Maryland Railway Historical Society sent us a beautiful dead on side shot of a PS-2 #5531 (new 9-54) and an end shot of #5506 which shows the yellow strip, although it's B&W. We have also asked them to see if they could find photos of any repaints of their cars without the yellow strip. Then we could add a WM car to our line without worrying about the strip but only the CSX issue to deal with. We also could do the WM all yellow Chessie paint scheme.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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On Apr 4, 2007, at 8:35 PM, Schuyler Larrabee wrote:

> That's what I thought. I recalled that Atlas' choice of corner posts
> was disappointing to us steam
> era types. Nuts.
> Is your photo dated?

A "disappointing" aspect of the Atlas PS-2 model is the lack of a
complete set of outlet gates. Only the outboard gate supports are
included on the model, and the inboard half is left to the imagination
(much like the bolsters and underframe are missing on the Atlas 70-ton
ballast car). Atlas doesn't seem to concern themselves much with the
underneath part of their freight car models.

Regarding your original question, Western Maryland typically painted
the top portion of their cars yellow when they were equipped with
roller bearing trucks. The only photo from the 5501-5550 series I have
seen was published on page 39 of the WM Color Guide book. However, it
is a 1982 photo. The P-S builder's photo from this series has been an
elusive one to find.

The Kadee PS-2 model would make an accurate representation of the WM
prototype cars. Chances are that Kadee hasn't produced the WM car due
to CSX licensing requirements. The B&OHS (licensed by CSX) offered B&O
PS-2 models produced by Kadee. Perhaps the WMRyHS could follow suit and
contract with Kadee for an accurate WM PS-2 model.
Ed Hawkins

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