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Having worked in the Oil Fields in Southern Calif and Texas up thru
1967. All the Drill Pipe, Pump Tubing and Pump Rods were 30 ft.
Portable Rigs are either doubles or triples, it's either 60 ft or 90
ft to the derrick man's platform/pipe rack and will pull 2 stands or
3 stands of Tubing or Rods. A Standard Derrick is 90 feet to the
Derrick man's platform and can pull three stands of pipe at a time. A
Portable derrick was used for repairs done on existing well while a
Standard derrick is used for drilling a new well. Drill pipe is a lot
heavier then the Pump Tubing. All pipe I ever saw delivered to the
site came by way of truck, but remember trucks were not a long then
as they are now. I think the trailers were about 40 ft as the pipe
did not extend to either end. Can still see a lot of old pipe/rods
laying in various areas around Midland and Odessa TX.

The pipe used of the transport of Oil thru the refining process is
all sizes. But the pipe at the wells are standard lengths and the
equipment is built to handle a standard length of pipe. Things may be
different now and I have not worked in that industry since 1967, but
at the times for this list all well pipe/tubing/rods was 30 ft.

George A. Walls

Living in Texas and in an area of very active gas drilling,
(yes, I've contracted for my rights), all I see is 40ft
drill pipe. That's the standard size as far as I can see.

Back close to this group's era saw a lot of larger diameter
pipe and it was always 40'

Russ Strodtz
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What is amazing me about the photos I'm getting is that a lot of
these loads consist of 40' sections of pipe as opposed to 10'
sections, and ever-common 20' sections which I'm used to seeing at
my work. I guess the typically 40' length cars enable the pipe to
be longer than the common 20' lengths, but I fail to see how
retailers (such as mine) could handle pipe of that length; our
delivery trucks can only hold 20' pipe. So would it be safe to
assume that these railcar loads of 40' pipe were going directly to
a job site, skipping the middle-man?

John Degnan
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