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A review of my 1955 ORER disk from Westerfield does not list the 76001-77500 series either. However, that number series is listed on my 1950 ORER disk from Westerfield.

The only photo I have is in the Frisco/Katy Color Guide, by Nicholas John Molo (Morning Sun Books 2003; note, in addition to this "combo" book, there are also separate color guides on each of these roads from Morning Sun Books, but I don't have those). On p. 8 is a photo of MKT 95954 with a reweigh date of June 1964; it is in red with white M-K-T; is also appears to still have the Camel doors.

I'd like to add one of these new Speedwitch kits to my 1956 roster as well, so I hope there is some more information from others forthcoming.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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Ted recently announced the following Katy kits.

> -- K105.1 & K105.2 - This is the first version of the M-K-T single
> sheathed box car in either yellow or box car red - $38. Other versions
> to follow in early May.

I have always liked the chrome yellow color of these cars. However, I am
trying to track these done in my ORER's to see how many were left in 1957. I
found 1365 still in the 95000-96800. This series is larger than the
95000-96499 series listed on the Speedwitch page. Also, the 76001-77500
series has been eliminated. I am guessing the survivors of the 76001-77500
series were absorbed into the 95000 series, as the years went on, and newer
boxcars joined the fleet. Is this correct? Also was the chrome yellow color
still in use in 1957? I think so. Were the wooden doors replaced in later
years? Were they still in general series at this late date? Any Katy
experts out there know the answers? Thanks

Brian Carlson

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