MKT 76001-77500 boxcars from Speedwitch

Tom Palmer

The cars that Ted has produced are specific to the 1923 built ACF cars for the Katy. Ted worked from the erection drawings that were supplied from my collection.
These cars were the first single door OSB cars the Katy had delivered other than three different groups of double door automobile boxcars. These cars were also the first ARA type underframe boxcars built for the Katy; all others having fishbelly center sills.
If you look back in the archives you will find a post about these cars I provided as to their history. These cars saw a lot of hard use during the war. Richard is right about the start of the yellow paint period for Katy single sheathed boxcars. During shopping at the begriming of the war they came out in yellow.
The start of yellow paint began in 1937 with the 60001-60100 express boxcars and part way into the construction of the 47001-47500 stock cars. The 61001-61025 fifty foot autocars were delivered in yellow in 1937 also.
Katy continued the use of yellow on cabooses and boxcars up until 1947-1948 then switched back to a freight car red. The 76001-77500 cars were down to 170 cars by January 1954 and gone by the end of the year. Either put in MOW service or scrapped.
Starting in 1946 up to 1954 the Katy was acquiring steel boxcars as fast as could to replace the single sheathed cars so the older cars went first. The last single sheathed cars to survive were from the last group delivered in 1926 in the 96000-96499 and the 1925 delivered 95000-95999 series.
Best regards from the guy who models the Katy in 1952,
Tom Palmer

Tom Palmer
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