Red Caboose box car roofs - corner grabs size disparity

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

I ordered and received 2 Red Caboose 40 box car roofs and roof walks.
I found they arrived without corner grabs (it didn't specifically
mention them, so I didn't complain). I placed another order for DA
corner grabs (I already had the eye bolts). To my dismay, these do not
fit the end walks!
Do I:
1. Suck it up and bend my own corner grabs (I have the wire and am
certainly able to bend it. I would have done this except I thought I
would be needing the leftover grabs for other kits).
2. Order some other grab that fits. (Tichy? Does any of us really
need 100 grabs?)
3. Complain to Red Caboose that they shorted me the parts that should
have been provided. (What do they expect most people would do with no
corner grabs?)
I expect I'll just bend some wire, but I'm puzzled by the size
dispartiy; I expected the DA parts to fit fine. The package lists the
size as 22"X22", which does not appear on the Walthers site, nor does
any other size corner grab to alert me that these might not be the size
I expected. Or, is it the RC end walks that are odd?
If indeed the 22" corner grabs are an odd size, what the heck are they
useful for? It says they are for freight cars...
Dean Payne

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