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Thanks to Richard, Tom, William, and others who answered this question.

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I have always liked the chrome yellow color of these cars. However, I
trying to track these done in my ORER's to see how many were left in
....Also was the chrome yellow color still in use in 1957?
No. I can date the adoption of the yellow paint exactly, as I happen
to have photos of a mineral red car painted at the Katy's Denison, TX
shops in 10-41 and a yellow car painted at Denison in 11-41. All the
other photos I have of yellow cars have reweigh dates in the 1940s
except for one car reweighed off-line at Minneapolis in 1-51. And I
have a photo of a car freshly painted mineral red at Denison in 4-49,
so by that date the Katy had gone back to painting the cars mineral
red. Now, it's conceivable that a few cars painted yellow ca. 1948
might have survived in that form until 1957, though by that time they
would have been so dirty that the yellow wouldn't have been very
visible. But modeling such a car would be stretching credibility to
(if not past) the limit, IMHO.

Were the wooden doors replaced in later years?
Apparently not. I have several photos of these cars dating from the
1960s and all still had their original wood doors.

Richard Hendrickson

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