Re: Red Caboose box car roofs - corner grabs size disparity

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Dean Payne wrote:
I ordered and received 2 Red Caboose 40 box car roofs and roof walks.
I found they arrived without corner grabs (it didn't specifically
mention them, so I didn't complain). I placed another order for DA
corner grabs (I already had the eye bolts). To my dismay, these do not
fit the end walks!
Do I:
1. Suck it up and bend my own corner grabs (I have the wire and am
certainly able to bend it. I would have done this except I thought I
would be needing the leftover grabs for other kits) . . .
As Schuyler said, by the time you worked out and wrote down all your alternatives you could have bent up a set. And moreover they would be sure to fit AND look better. And you might wish to reconsider using the eye bolts. Most corner grabs do not have ANYTHING like a giant eye bolt at the corner. You should be able to do better--see any roof shot.

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