Re: P&LE archive (was What kind of SFRD car is this?)

Tim O'Connor

Here's another interesting shot -- this one shows unloading a bulk
material container into a barge. First time I've seen a photo of one
of these containers being unloaded.


At 4/8/2007 09:02 PM Sunday, you wrote:
This shot shows the team tracks at Monessen, PA in 1953.;xc=1;g=imls;c=rr;q1=freight;rgn1=ic_all;evl=full-image;quality=2;view=entry;subview=detail;lasttype=boolean;cc=rr;entryid=x-8223.3507.rr;viewid=3507RR.TIF;start=1;resnum=91

The car on the right is SFRD 3250 or 9250, the one on the left looks to be SFRD 15080.


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