Images From The Historic Pittsburgh Image Collections

Bob Chaparro <thecitrusbelt@...>

I certainly want to thank Kurt Laughlin for bringing the Historic
Pittsburgh Image Collections to the group's attention.

Among the many images I found of interest were these two.

The first image shows track through the Homestead Mill complex on the
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad in April 1949. First of all, this
is a nice detail shot of the roof of Rock Island 25189. It also
shows the car number stenciled on the roof. This is something we've
seen occasionally on reefers.

It would be interesting to know what practices the various railroads
followed with respect to roof stencils at various points in time.
Here is the link to the image:

The second image is of what is reported to be a "Heinz Series B Box
Car" shot around 1907. The car looks like something from a toy train
set, but apparently that's the way some of the Heinz cars looked back
near the turn of the last century. The clarity of the image is

Here is the link to the image:

Bob Chaparro
Mission Viejo/Hemet, CA

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