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I have some General Tools Co. stainless-steel rulers that I've had for
a "few" years, #1251, HO/S/O scales & #651 HO/O scales.

The black "paint" in of some of the recessed numbers has disappeared
over time.

What is a best way to re-blacken these recessed areas in the stainless-
steel? (Short of just buying a new "General Co." ruler.)

I have nostalgic reasons for repairing and retaining them if possible.
They are the only ones I've ever used for building STMFC era cars.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

Hi Paul,
The "Recessed Areas" are actually the key to fixing your ruler. First give
the ruler a good bath of soap and water to remove any finger oils etc.! From
now on handle the ruler with gloves on! Next take some alcohol on a piece of
cotton and rub the areas with the numbers really well. Now using some black
nail polish or white even if you want even better registration in reduced light
and paint all the notches. You are not trying to paint each line!!!! Smear it
over all of them. Now lay the ruler flat using a dry paper towel rub side to
side across the notches. The nail polish will stay in the recesses and the
over smear will get wiped off leaving you brand new lines!
I have done the one I own and several rulers over the years! It even worked
on some of my cabinetry tools.
Good luck and let me know hoe you make out!
Ray Russell Sr.

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