Re: What kind of SFRD car is this?

Russ Strodtz <sheridan@...>


What I find the most interesting item in this photo
is the location of the switch stand in the foreground.

Since it is still in the roadway it does not seem to
have required such an awkward setup which would have
required a homemade rod and such. It could also have
been placed on the other side of the switch but we
can't see that area so there's no indication of what
is over there.

The lines and big "X" on the pavement tend to indicate
that they don't want trucks down in that area anyway.

Russ Strodtz

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This shot shows the team tracks at Monessen, PA in 1953.;xc=1;g=imls;c=rr;q1=freight;rgn1=ic_all;evl=full-image;quality=2;view=entry;subview=detail;lasttype=boolean;cc=rr;entryid=x-8223.3507.rr;viewid=3507RR.TIF;start=1;resnum=91

The car on the right is SFRD 3250 or 9250, the one on the left
looks to be SFRD 15080.


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