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charles slater

These two cars are post WWII rebuilds of the Rr-W,X,Y,2,3,4 class wood reefers. The car on the left is an Rr-46 class car numbered in the 9870-10869 series rebuilt in 1949. The car on the right is an Rr-43 class car #9250 from the series 8600-9368 rebuilt in 1947.
Both these classes of cars are available from Sunshine models
Happy Modeling
Charlie Slater

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This shot shows the team tracks at Monessen, PA in 1953.;xc=1;g=imls;c=rr;q1=freight;rgn1=ic_all;evl=full-image;quality=2;view=entry;subview=detail;lasttype=boolean;cc=rr;entryid=x-8223.3507.rr;viewid=3507RR.TIF;start=1;resnum=91

The car on the right is SFRD 3250 or 9250, the one on the left looks to be SFRD 15080.

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Hello Richard and all,

My family moved from Houston, Texas to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in
January 1958. And sometime later that year, most likely in the summer,
I took a photo (not very good with a not very good and old Kodak 616
camera) of the MKT boxcar we are discussing... still in yellow. Well...
mostly yellow. There was a good deal of weathered gray sheathing
showing also. Most of the reweigh and maintenance info was done with
white lettering on mineral red splotches. And the car was not all that
dirty. It was the yellow and the wood door that first caught my eye and
prompted me to make the bike ride home to get my hand-me-down camera.
The car was in service and I believe was delivering a load of bricks.

This photo is posted on the MKT group but if there is a need I would be
happy to provide it to this group also. Just keep in mind that it is a
really poor photo taken by an 11-year old kid.

-- Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

On Apr 8, 2007, at 12:00 PM, Richard Hendrickson wrote:

> On Apr 7, 2007, at 8:39 PM, Brian J Carlson wrote:
> > I have always liked the chrome yellow color of these cars. However,
> I
> > am
> > trying to track these done in my ORER's to see how many were left in
> > 1957....
> > ....Also was the chrome yellow color still in use in 1957?
> No. I can date the adoption of the yellow paint exactly, as I happen
> to have photos of a mineral red car painted at the Katy's Denison, TX
> shops in 10-41 and a yellow car painted at Denison in 11-41. All the
> other photos I have of yellow cars have reweigh dates in the 1940s
> except for one car reweighed off-line at Minneapolis in 1-51. And I
> have a photo of a car freshly painted mineral red at Denison in 4-49,
> so by that date the Katy had gone back to painting the cars mineral
> red. Now, it's conceivable that a few cars painted yellow ca. 1948
> might have survived in that form until 1957, though by that time they
> would have been so dirty that the yellow wouldn't have been very
> visible. But modeling such a car would be stretching credibility to
> (if not past) the limit, IMHO.
> > Were the wooden doors replaced in later years?
> Apparently not. I have several photos of these cars dating from the
> 1960s and all still had their original wood doors.
> Richard Hendrickson

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