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What material do you sand balst with ? thankd dg

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This is one of those topics that everyone will have a slightly
differing opinion and approach.

I routinely grit blast my resin models, wash them and let them air
dry before spraying a grey primer on them. For plastic kits, if I've
made a lot of modifications (i.e. filled holes, added rivets, removed
rivets, repair surface defects, etc.) I still usually give these cars
a light grit blasting; if it is a car that really didn't require
those types of modifications, I have been wiping them down with a
cotton ball soaked in isopropyl alcohol; I then let the car air dry,
and apply a grey paint to them. I think the grey paint will give
your finish coat a better "color."

Regardless, I always grit blast the plastic trucks; you can mask
off the holes for the axles, or otherwise plug them to prevent the
grit from getting in there; I usually just blast the truck, as is,
then put them in a jar of water with a drop of detergent and stick
that in my ultrasonic cleaner. This usually gets all the grit out of
those tiny areas and recesses on the trucks; I then use the tool sold
by ReBoxx to ream out the axle bearing holes. I think grit blasting
the plastic trucks gives a great weathered look for our steam era
freight cars.


Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD
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Is there a reason to 1)sandblast a styrene kit before painting or
2) prime a styrene kit if it is already grey ???? such as an
intermountain kit
thanks Doug Gardner

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