Re: Corner Grabs (was Pittsburgh image collection)

Schuyler Larrabee

I emulate Tim here, but do be aware that PSC makes Really Tiny Eyebolts. I believe I have some with
an interior diameter of ~.008"and while I've not tried them, they might work out OK. Certanly
better than Northeaster Eye Pins (which I've seen used . . . ).


For steel running boards, advertisements in the 1951 and 1961 Car
Builder Cyc's all show eye bolts. However, HO scale eyebolts are just
too gigantic to represent these -- I think that is Tony's objection.
Personally I use a wire with a flattened end that I curl over the top
of the grab (a J-shape IOW). This looks more like the real
thing to me.

Tim O'Connor

The first image also shows a nice large eye-bolt at the
corner of the roof
grab. Is this the exception that proves the rule, Tony?

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