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Thanks Elden. If I can get close to the quality of TKM, we'll be
doing well. Al Buchan is an old friend of mine and he got me all set
up with the documents--all we need now are writers. TKM is just
terrific--I look forward to it more than I do MR. I've just
completed my X29B per the TKM, Dec 06 and it came out great
(mandatory STMFC list content).

Yours Very Truly,

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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Best wishes, John, on yours and the Society's new venture! We are
looking forward to learning more about these great railroads.

Elden Gatwood


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On behalf of the ACL-SAL Railroads Historical Society,
I'm pleased to announce that the Society will be
offering an on-line modeling magazine similar to the
PRR T&HS's "The Keystone Modeler".

The magazine will be called "The Seaboard-Coast Line
Modeler" and will cover prototype modeling of SAL,
ACL, SCL, Family Lines, GA RR, WofA, A&WP, Seaboard
System, and other affiliated lines in all eras and
scales. The quarterly magazine will be an official
publication of the Society, and like TKM will be
provided free of charge on the ACL-SAL Historical
Society web page. The S-CL Modeler will follow the
popular format of TKM, but unlike TKM we're initially
planning on a quarterly publication (unless we can
reasonably offer it more often).

I will serve as editor of the magazine. Justin May
will serve as Assistant Editor. Selection of the
magazine's editorial staff and regular column editors
is underway. I am currently soliciting articles for
the first issue, which I hope to publish in 45-60
days. All articles on modeling freight cars,
locomotives, right-of-way, structures, fixtures,
operations, etc. are welcome. As in TKM, the inclusion
of prototype photos, drawings, etc. is highly
encouraged with your articles, and since there is no
size limit to the articles or the S-CL Modeler magzine
you may include as many photos and/or drawings as you
feel is appropriate. You do not need to be a member of
the society to contribute.

Unfortunately, like TKM, we can not pay for articles
and they must be considered gratis (no payment or
perks is provided to staff). Our goal is to grow the
modeling community by sharing information, providing
an open forum for the detailed study of the prototype,
and providing in-depth prototype-oriented modeling
articles. Your expert knowledge and modeling
experience, tranformed into in-depth articles, will
help build the modeling community and introduce
modelers and historians to the Society and the
railroads it represents.

I'll announce the regular staff in about two weeks.
Until then, we need to get the ball rolling. If you'd
like to submit an article or if you'd like to discuss
submitting an article, please contact me at
Golden1014@... <> .

There's much more to follow about the magazine in
coming months. Our sincere thanks to Al Buchan of the
PRR T&HS for helping us get this project off the

Yours Very Truly,

John Golden
Justin May

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL <>

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