Re: preparation of styrene kits for painting

Richard Hendrickson

On Apr 10, 2007, at 8:37 AM, Denny Anspach wrote:

My current understanding is that virtually all, if not all of the
"primer" paints available to us as modelers are nothing more than
just another color or formulation of ordinary paint. However, I note
that some, most, or all (??) listers are still reporting that they
are still applying a "primer" coat prior to any "finishing" coats of
paint. Now, I can understand why on occasion I might like to apply a
nice gray coat of primer- 1) to better enable a transition to a
lighter color finish coat without paint buildup; or 2) to make it
easier to physically handle a model prior to any finish coating,
but-- what else?

Although I have not looked lately, Scalecoat has specifically noted
that with the use of their paints, no primer is necessary- and I have
followed their advice in this regard successfully for some time.

I'll second Denny's observations here. The best primer is a base coat
of the color the model is to be painted. That's been my experience
with solvent-based paints like Scale Coat and Testor's Modelmaster.
YMMV, of course, particularly if you're using water-based paints, with
which I have little experience (all of it negative).

Richard Hendrickson

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