Re: NYC Steel Boxcars, New Models?

Bruce Smith

On Apr 10, 2007, at 9:45 AM, ed_mines wrote:

--- In STMFC@..., Ted Culotta <tculotta@...> wrote:
I think Richard got the names a little mixed up as keeping track of
these things is not easy, given the structure of the companies (see
next sentence.) Sun is a company that does consulting, primarily to
BLI/PCM/Factory Direct, who we all know sells through dealers and
direct. These NYC cars will be offered, I think, by Precision Craft
when they are released.
Are these the companies that sell or sold PRR stock cars and N&W


Yes. They have also announced a PRR (and N&W) H32 covered hopper (but that project may be stalled due to poor reservations). Given that the BLI web site now rolls into the PCM web site, and that neither the stock cars nor the hoppers are listed there, one wonders about their futures. The stock cars did have 2 releases in PRR with the second one having a number of improvements including better trucks. I am hoping for a 3rd release which might be single deck cars (without the cast deck supports)


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