Re: preparation of styrene kits for painting

Tim O'Connor

Accupaint Primer is a different formulation than their regular paint,
which is necessary to adhere to brass and helps with resin too. I have
used Accupaint over other paints used as primers too, but one has to
be careful about compatibility. The AP Primer is only available in light
gray. AP sticks to styrene likes nobody's business, however. (Probably
because the thinner contains MEK.) Also the AP Primer does not bleed
through the overcoat, unlike regular AP colors which will blend when
one is laid over another. (Sometimes this is good, sometimes not.)

I also bought a small bottle of black nail polish someone recommended.
It is supposed to stick like crazy to delrin and other slippery plastics. In
some cases these are the only things that need to be 'primed'. Failing
that, I grit blast the delrin parts.

Tim O'Connor

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On Apr 10, 2007, at 8:37 AM, Denny Anspach wrote:
My current understanding is that virtually all, if not all of the
"primer" paints available to us as modelers are nothing more than
just another color or formulation of ordinary paint.

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