Re: preparation of styrene kits for painting

Tim O'Connor

dang! i put the used-up baking soda and alum oxide in the garden
to keep the slugs off the marijuana plants! now what am I gonna do?
next thing you know i'll have to take down the meth lab...

Tim "crack modeler" O'Connor

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From: "Charlie Vlk" <cvlk@...>
The world is getting really stupid.
Using Baking Soda as an enviromentally sensitive abrasive on concrete????
Well, according to the news last night we won't even have that much longer....
a State Senator in Missouri is proposing restrictions on the sale of baking soda
because (as he thinks everybody should know) baking soda is a key component
in the creation of crack-cocaine.
I don't recall voting for the repeal of Darwin's Law.....
better get over to Harbor Freight and buy up aluminium oxide while you can get
maybe let your wife go over to the grocery store while your doing that so you
get enough baking soda to keep your refrig smelling sweet too.....
Charlie Vlk

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