Re: Introduction and first questions


--- In, Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...>
The Socony-Vaccum Oil Co. of New York neither owned its own tank cars
nor leased cars under its own reporting marks and with its own
paint/lettering. As a former member of the Standard Oil family, Socony
probably used cars leased from the Union Tank Line to transport bulk
products in the New England area. Life-Like (now Walthers) has offered
models of UTLX-owned AC&F Type 21 tank cars with AB brakes and '40s or
later lettering which could be back-dated.
Thank you for the information. That explains why SOCONY could be the
largest supplier of fuel in Maine and why I've never found a photo of
a tank car lettered for SOCONY other than the 2 B&SR cars. -Jim

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