Re: SFRB Boxcar

Tim O'Connor

If Charlie says the car had welded sides, then your only choice
would seem to be the old Front Range 50 foot welded body with 8
foot door opening. A standard PS-1 had a flush roof however, so
that roof will not do. You can use the current Accurail rendition
of that body too, if you don't mind cast on details. But that car
has an attached flush roof and attached dreadnaught ends.

The Rr-57 series, built by Pullman, had riveted sides for sure.
Those were in number series 6000-6299 built in 1955. Here is the
(inaccurate) Accurail version of it.

Tim O'Connor

Steve that is a 50 foot PS-1 car built by Pullman. It is a Santa Fe
class Rr-59 from series 6400-6549 built in 1958. It is painted mineral
brown with an 8 foot orange plug door and large "DF Insulated" also in
orange on the car side. I think Kadee and Intermountain both make
models of the PS-1.
Take Care
Charlie Slater

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