Re: NYC Steel Gons, New Models?

Russ Strodtz <sheridan@...>

The series that I can not understand the absence of is
the NYC 628xxx - 642xxx Gons. Even at the start of my
career they were the most common Gon seen. Didn't any
other roads have Gons of this same design?

Painting the NYC's would be a breeze. Start out with
grimy black, put on initials and numbers and then
another light coat of grimy black.

We have talked a lot about chalk marks in the past.
These cars often had the Light Weight highlighted
with chalk.

Russ Strodtz

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Elden Gatwood wrote:
> There are dozens of cars the NYC and P&LE rostered that no one
> ever touched. I don't understand, as they would sure be

In the first sentence, replace "NYC and P&LE" with your
road, and it's a sentiment practically everyone on this list
share. <g>

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