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Tim O'Connor wrote:
But seriously, I have pointed out before that us SP modelers are really in hog heaven these days -- we can model about 95% of the new SP box cars built from 1920 to 1950 in HO scale, for example. And about 90% of PFE ice reefers. Perhaps PRR and ATSF fans can say as much, but not NP, UP, D&RGW, to name just a few. I think C&O, B&O, NYC (the non-PRR eastern giants) are neglected on the whole.
Remember, Tim, Elden's comment was about gondolas. Care to make that same calculation about SP gondolas? Now I'm sure there ARE neglected roads, and didn't mean to imply otherwise, only that most of us feel that OUR road, obviously important since it's MY favorite, has some much-needed prototypes with no model.
Inclusion of the D&RGW in your list is probably wrong--in the sense that it had a pretty small car fleet. I personally find that road quite interesting and would like to have more D&RGW cars available (I'm a Western modeler, after all), but nationally it WAS a small fleet. If you look at your list (B&O, C&O, NYC) and leave off the coal hoppers, the shortcomings are certainly reduced. But as I said, of COURSE there are neglected roads out there.
At least some of them are neglected because (a) they have few modelers, or (b) their modelers don't buy much. Any hobby store owner can tell you in a minute which roads sell, and which don't. Big surprise: the latter aren't well covered. I doubt we'll ever see the day when the Gilbert-Nelson freight car percentages are used as marketing tools by the manufacturers.

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