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"F&C 3051 USRA 40' DS Boxcar with Facial Board backdated with K

What the heck is a "facial board"? :-)
That is a spell checker in the wrong hands! I am both a poor typist
and even worse proof reader.

Seriously, you might want to double check period photos of these cars
to see if they got the FASCIA boards by the late 1920s. The Funaro
decals are also too late and are suspect as to accuracy. (This goes
for the other Funaro kits as well - recommend verifying any Funaro
decals before use - some of them leave something to be desired. You
may have to replace them at any rate to match your era.) Recommend
you use the Westerfield kit for the B&M USRA DS boxcar instead - it
will come with the correct brake details and correct period decals.
Will do.

"Bowser GLa #56205 PRR 'Early Lettering'"

You will need to backdate the brake system for this car - the Bowser
kit comes with AB brakes. I also don't like the Bowser prewar PRR
Freight Car Color, which I feel is too brown. Recommend using an
undec (or strip and repaint) with Floquil or Polly Scale Zinc
Chromate Primer and letter with Westerfield decals (available
Since I will likely end up replacing the grabs this would be the way
to go.

"X29 boxcars RC-7153 ARA X29 Plate End Box Car MEC"

Be advised that these cars had the ARA side sheathing rivet pattern
vice the either X29 pattern and had early Viking roofs:
So it's not enough that I'd need to back date the lettering, I'll also
need to add a Viking roof and ignore the rivet pattern?

"42' Fish Belly Side Sill Flat Cars"

Red Caboose offered this model in a late 1920s-early 1930s New York
Central scheme, complete with an S-prefix car number.
No longer in production and now on my hunting list.

I also recommend adding a Red Caboose PRR Class X29 boxcar,
backdated and
to either and a post-safety appliances Westerfield PRR Class XL

Done. Which Red Caboose x29 would you start from?
Is this the right Westerfield kit?

I've learned off list that the Intermountain composite USRA gon and
the Steam Shack B&M gon are the same kit so only need one or the other.

Still trying to sort out the many Sunshine offerings to see what from
them I should add to my list.

Thank you again. -Jim

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