Caboose Roof Ladders

Paul Hillman

I have the January 1959 issue of MR magazine, containing a
construction article about a Canadian Pacific caboose by Jack Work,
drawings by J. Harold Geissel, pgs. 74 thru 82.

I, awhile back, constructed an O scale caboose based on this article.
Then I noticed the caboose's roof-ladder position to be on the left-
side of the end view, where every American caboose seems to have the
roof-ladder on the right-side of the end-view.

I looked at more recent Canadian caboose photos and saw that in 1971
a Canadian caboose still had the roof-ladder on the left side.

With the apparent American right-sided ladders, these are directly
across from a freight car's end-ladder and would allow "easy"
movement from the caboose to the coupled-car's roof ladder, rather
than climbing to the roof on the left-side of the caboose,
then "jumping" from the caboose's roof-walk to the coupled-car's roof

What kind of American Versus Canadian safety-standards, or what,
produced this difference in caboose, roof-ladder placement?

Paul Hillman

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