Re: NYC Steel Boxcars, New Models?

Tim O'Connor

Greg Martin wrote

There has over the years been many B&O offering and more needed. Great articles
from Bob Chapman who I believe actually models B&O. At least now they have their
own online magazine.
Don't forget Chris Barkan's important B&O box car research; I believe he was very
involved in the Red Caboose ARA/X29 box cars project. Not that I don't think that a
good M55 is long overdue...

With regard to the B&O Wagon top car I think the reason that no one wants to
tool it is that it has already been tooled and never offered by the company that
tooled it. So, no one wants to start only to have the other tooling show up in
the form of kits/built-up models by the other source sitting on the tooloing.
That may be true but there are MANY examples of 'duplicate' models in HO scale
and it doesn't seem to stop anyone from making even more duplicates. Unless
the one that has been tooled is of Kadee quality, I don't think anyone should be
too intimidated to market a good model. Now if a Proto1000 version appeared
FIRST, that could spoil the market for a better model. But not necessarily. It's hard
to say anymore with numerous single-owner (or few-owner) models out there.

Tim O'Connor

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