Re: Caboose Roof Ladders

Russ Strodtz <sheridan@...>

As far as hand signals were concerned being able to use
the foldable carton was a good reason to buy a 6 pack of

The basic problem was always limited visibility. If ya
got a 100 car train and 20 cars of visibility there has
to be a different way. The answer was usually air. On the
CB&Q just about every waycar had a tailhose. On the IHB
the cabooses had valves built right into the handrails at
the ends. The cars all have angle cocks. Don't need much

Russ Strodtz

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Hmmm. Don't recall a brakeman or switchman ever trying to
signal me with a
whistle <g>. Lantern, hands, fusee, and a large piece of
cardboard seemed
to be the preferred methods on the old SP/T&NO.

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