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jim peters

Bill Schneider at Branchline Trains

Bill - there is one car I would love to see Branchline Trains produce, complete with your typical interchangeable ends and roofs - That is the 10'-6" IH, 40', 12-PANEL Boxcar. On the road I model this style represents about 60% of the boxcars in revenue service in the late 50's, and for those modeling the 60's to early 70's (forgive me Mike) the percentage would be far greater.

I know the ATSF (also very big in the Mid-west) had 12-PANEL cars and the GN I believe also had 10'-6" IH 12-PANEL cars. By looking through some of my books I see the Eastern Roads also had them. And for me, you don't even have to worry about the paint schemes - I prefer undecs.

My first order will be for 1 dozen - Delivery is (?)

Por Favor,

Jim Peters
Coquitlam, BC
(That's in Western Canada - in fact you can not go much further west with out a floatation device)

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Now Rich,

In fairness I seem to remember that A) There was more involved than just a side and B) I offered to share the massive profits... :>)

Seriously, as Tom mentioned plywood boxcar sides were not high on our list of priorities a few years back (and frankly aren't now), but GN steel cars might be a future possibility....

With any manufacturer there are several factors that come into play when choosing a prototype. One of the issues that we as an east coast manufacturer face when considering ATSF, SP, WP, GN, etc. prototypes is poor market penetration in the west due to shipping costs and time. You also run into a bit of a chicken and egg situation where the western dealers complain we have few west coast roads, yet when we produce them most (except ATSF) are slow sellers, perhaps because we're in the east, and... well, you get the idea.

One of the reasons we offer so many south eastern schemes is a strong dealer network south of the Mason-Dixon Line that supports our products. Wish I could say the same about west of the Great Plains. Hence our emphasis in the past on body styles that would allow a variety of roads and schemes.

Bill Schneider
Branchline Trains

Dear Steve:

Good luck with Branchline! I hope you have better luck than I did when I tried to get them to run sides for a plywood sheathed boxcar about 4 years ago. They were more than willing to help, if I could come up with 30K for the molds.


Rich Nunn

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