Re: Moody's Industrial Manual

Dave & Libby Nelson <muskoka@...>

A manual like this is a great tool for quick reference, but they aren't
cheap, and only one person is going to get this one.
Actually there were 4 available and $20 less than the typical price.

Now and then I get these notices and if I don't buy it myself I do forward
it on to lists like this, so if these are not your years of interest or
they're all gone when you call, surely there will be another time.

Our library has a pretty fair run of Poor's and Moody's manuals dating
back to the late 19th century. If anyone on this group needs a look-up,
please contact me off line and I will see what can be found. After all,
that's what library's are for.
I find myself doing the single company search far less often than an
industry review and, has been my way since youth, once I start flipping
reference book pages looking for a specific item, long before I reach the
intended destination my eye invariably falls on some interesting heading
which requires a stop and often a re-directed search, so by the time I do
get to where I started for I've often wandered thru a half dozen or more
other items.

Dave Nelson

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