Re: NP 1912-1918 truss rod box cars

Dennis Storzek

--- In, timboconnor@... wrote:

Thanks for that link Dennis....

Tim "confused as ever" O'Connor

It gets worse, Tim. I just clicked on the link to make sure it worked,
and realized the photo array is one of those "which item doesn't
belong with the rest" tests. Either that, or the car has three ends.
The NP car has end posts that protrude through the end sheathing on
both ends, a construction detail that was intended to provide the
strongest possible post without making the end any thicker than
necessary. The end with the ladder, rather than grab irons, is from a
different car, likely one of the URTX reefers.

I would take the NP 49444 number with a grain of salt; it may have
been determined from faint stenciling remaining on the car, and
possibly mis-read. 40444 would fall within the series you noted.


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