Re: X29 Pants (!) on eBay

Dennis Storzek

--- In, "pullmanboss" <tgmadden@...> wrote:

I've been watching a Red Caboose L&NE X29 kit on eBay. The "ending
soon" email notice just arrived and, as always, it includes a listing
of "Similar Items on eBay". There are five various RC X29's on the
list, plus a red caboose from Atlas and another from Marx. Plus
one "ST. JOHNS BAY KHAKI PANTS SIZE 22W (40X29)". I did a quick "what
the..." before I saw that "X29" nested in the description.

So, if any of you SPFs want some freight car pants, eBay's got a pair
for you! Or go after the L&NE kit - I'm waiting for Ted's version.

Tom Madden


You should try searching for models and memorabilia for the Soo Line.
You'll never believe the number of different things people think are
"soo cute" :-(


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