Re: GN 12-panel boxcars

Barry Roth

At least some of the Intermountain SP 12-panel cars (including two assembled ones I bought) have the slender top riblet. I have no idea whether these were from an early or a late run of the product, or how one would know, without examining an individual specimen, whether any given car or kit had the stamping.

Barry Roth

"Steve Haas (G2)" <> wrote:
Since I started the latest round of this discussion I guess I better
contribute a few facts.

This is extracted from a table I've worked on from time to time.

GN 10' 12 Panel Cars

Series Start: 2525
Series End: 2549
Built: 1948
Doors: Seven Panel
Ends: 4/3/0

Series Start: 10900
Series End: 11374
Built: 1948
Doors: Seven Panel & 4-6-6
Ends: 4/3/0

The above two series can be built from the Intermountain 41001 series by
sanding off the thin top stamping, or by substituting the end from the 41013
series (SP 12 panel) or the 41099 (undec). As Ed, Tim, and Andy have been
discussing, the ends from these latter Intermountain models lack the thin
top stamping. [...]


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