GN 12 panel take 3

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I wrote
The two SP prototype classes of 12-panel box cars DID have the thin top stiffener. I hope IM did not remove that stiffener in order to model the SP cars <g>.
Tim O'Connor replied:
Tony, this one doesn't.
Perhaps we are descending into the Swamp of Definitions. I would agree that the some of the P-S cars built for SP have more of a thin, straight rib, instead of a tapered thin rib like those between the major corrugations. (Let's not call it a "riblet" lest I think excessively of BBQ.) See the relevant pages in my SP Freight Cars Vol. 4 for additional photos. The contrast, if I understood the discussion correctly, had to do with whether there was ANY small rib above the highest major corrugation.

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