T&NO triple offset-side hopper car shipments


Tony -

The triple offset side T&NO hopper cars I saw were loaded with
limestone/dolomite aggregate at Beckmann, Texas on the old SA&AP branch
to Kerrville. The quarry was called McDonough Brothers (sp?) during
the steam era. The aggregate was NOT used for cement, it was
construction aggregate for the Houston area - for roads and building
foundations. Some may also have been used for ballast on the railroad
during the 1940's. Loads went over the GH&SA from San Antonio to
Houston (I do not know where in Houston it was unloaded). Sand from
Gemmer & Tanner in the Columbus, Texas area and oyster shell from
Galveston Bay were previously/concurrently used as aggregate, but the
limestone was apparently superior. The traffic continues to this day
from the same quarry.

A.T. Kott

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